Governor Scott Signs on the Bottom Line at Brown Barge Elementary

With the Brown Barge civic band performing, Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) became the first Florida governor to visit a Escambia county school or classroom since Hurricane Ivan, back in 2004.  However, this visit to Brown Barge Elementary was for much more positive reasons as Scott signed a check totaling $751,448 for the Escambia county school district.

“We are very happy to have the governor visit the school system as this is the first time a sitting Florida governor has visited since Hurricane Ivan” Escambia County Superintendent Malcolm Thomas stated while introducing Scott.

“I am working this hard with the budget to ensure that every teacher receives a $2,500 raise across the board meaning an additional $1.25 billion for education over last years budget” Scott emphasized.

“In order to get that done, though I really need everyone calling their local and state representatives everyday if at all possible.” Scott finished.

During the presentation Scott met with local students as well as principals from 7 local elementary, middle and high school facilities.

The program providing the monies is the  program which provides funding to schools that have sustained high achievement or improved their school grades, which are based on reading, math, science and writing scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

For more information about the ongoing Florida budget process and it’s effects with educational and other funding, please visit

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