Grammy Award Winning Tasha Cobbs Rocks Zion Hope on September 11th

 Tasha Cobb came into the church with one motive in mind and that was to feel the presence of God.  She didn’t need music or even the people because her mindset was to worship.  She transitioned the audience from spectators to worshippers.
   As she began to share her life she expressed her hurt over the passing of her father.  She stated, “Though my heart was broken over the passing of my father, who died the weekend after I won the grammy, God informed me that my assignment didn’t change.”
   God had told her that she was still supposed to minister.  So she got on the phone contacted her mother and family members and told them.  Work still needed to be done.  So, she got back up on the battlefield and began to fight and minister to God’s people.  One night while ministering to another group of people she stated that, “She was in prayer and was asking God to help her give something to the peopole so that they could be ministered to and the Holy Spirit spoke to her and stated that her songs were not just for the people, but they were for her healing and deliverance as well. She then stated, “I’m here to tell you when you’re doing a work for God, your healing is in the trenches. In other words you still have to say yes to God in spite of the pain”.  After that she began to lead the congregation into a song of submission.  The words were simply summed up as saying “Yes, Lord.”
   After evoking the presence of the Holy Spirit in the building, she begin to talk about how God and how faithful and right He is for her.  She stated, that God was the perfect fit in her life and then she began to sing the song from her CD “Everything About You Is Right”. While singing Ms. Cobb, gave one hundred percent of herself and the crowd received her with open arms forgot that she was a grammy award winning singer and just really gave God what was truly due and that was worship.  In my opinion, there is nothing more precious in the eyes of God, but those that truly worship Him in spirit and in truth.

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