Grandparents Receives Gifts for Grandchildren

Approximately eighty grandparents gathered at Cobb Center to enjoy a night of fun and good food.

With their grandchildren at hand, everyone enjoyed a program, presents and a great meal.

This program was started in 2003 because of so many Grandparents raising grandkids. “Each
family took a family portrait in front of the Christmas tree and the story of Christmas was read with the apostle “Luke” reading from the Chapter of Luke in the Bible about the birth of Christ.” Said Taylor. “We try to keep it real” said Mark Taylor, founder and President of Pensacola World Changers.

“We don’t do Santa Claus, but we really try to do it from the Christian perspective.” “We make sure everyone understands the real meaning of Christmas.”

A Barbeque Dinner was served to 165 children and over eight grandparents with presents given to each child.

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