Grumpy Man’s Hit Pensacola


For Floyd Patterson and Nathan Sanford, Grumpy Man’s is slowly taking the area by storm.  You see, Grumpy Man’s is a salsa that Nathan says has been in his family recipe kitchen for a long time.  “This was a passion of my grandfather’s,” he said.  “I remember when I was little he would make this salsa with all of the secret ingredients.    He wanted to market it but did not have the opportunity”.  So when Nathan met Floyd, he saw an opportunity to make his grand dad’s dream come true.  “I own a restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where we make our own seasonings,” he stated.  “We have been in business for six years and have our products on the market now.  Because I’m familiar with the marketing aspect, this became a win/win scenario for both of us”. Primarily the products, the salsa and seasonings, are in Mississippi and parts of Louisiana.  “We’re in Louisiana and now we are moving to Florida.” said Patterson.   “One day I had the opportunity to introduce the salsa to the board of Winn Dixie,” said Sanford.  “They liked it and now we are on the shelves of Winn Dixie.”  “The Salsa comes in two types- mild (for the conservative taste bud) and hot (for the adventurous  people).”

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