Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce : 30-day/$30 Challenge

By Brooke Johnson

A notable perception, and possibly an empirical fact, is that the local dollar last only 1 hour in the local community. This information has caused some to pose the question, “what can be done to sustain the local dollar for growth and development within the community?” The Gulf Coast African-American Chamber of Commerce has set out to answer this question which affects not only our local community but many communities nationwide.

By supporting local owned businesses, the money spent can aid in the revitalization of our community and help families rise out of poverty. This support will add value to neighborhoods in which these businesses are located. Such a move to retain or spend money in locally owned businesses will assist local business owners who frequently struggle to secure needed capital. The infusion of more money in locally owned businesses will help to sustain these businesses, causing them to flourish and grow.

Starting October 1st, the Gulf Coast African-American Chamber of Commerce will be teaming up with local business owners who are members of the Chamber and local residents in a 30-day/$30 challenge.

The challenge is to commit to spending $30 per month with a locally owned business within 30 days. The Chamber’s goal is to have at least 200 local residents, business owners, and Chamber members to commit to the 30-day/$30 challenge.

Accept the challenge and sow a seed of change into our community! When you spend $30, post a #selfie on social media & use the hashtag #30Day30DollarChallenge to show that you’ve accepted the challenge.

If you do that, your name will go into a drawing for a weekend getaway to New Orleans, La which includes hotel accommodations, riverboat cruise, and a horse drown carriage ride through the “Big Easy”.

Getaway is sponsored by Choice WRNE 106.9FM, AM980.

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