Gulf Coast Kids House Hosts Chocolate at Cordova


Cordova Mall had thousands of people swarming around in a frenzy for one of America’s favorite deserts (chocolate) for one of the most worthy causes. On Saturday, April 25, 2015, the Gulf Coast Kids House hosted their 12th Annual Chocolate Festival. This event built awareness to fight against child abuse in the Gulf Coast area. The Gulf Coast Kid’s House is a non-profit organization that offers advocacy to children and their families who need assistance in having a safe place to stay, medical examinations, trauma counseling and case investigations. In 2014 over 2600 children were served by this organization who dealt with abuse and neglect. Child abuse has become one of the biggest epidemics in the area. It’s estimated that more than 1400 children in Escambia County are reported to experiencing child abuse. The Gulf Coast Kid’s House has become the safe haven for children who need help dealing with effects of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse. The Gulf Coast Kid’s House has legal representatives who fight for the rights of the children. They partner with several government officials as well as other non-profit organizations to accomplish one important goal. The safety of children. The Gulf Coast Kid’s House also provides basic needs such as food, clothing, diapers, and much more.

choclate 2Over 20 vendors were in the Cordova Mall showcasing their chocolates. Vendors had Brownies, Bon Bons, Chocolate Truffles, and other assorted chocolate delights. As people walked around with white dinner boxes in their hands coveting their chocolate morsels, the air was filled with excitement and information. Sponsors were announced and information given in order to increase the awareness of child abuse and what the Gulf Coast Kids House has to offer. Several businesses participated in this event which helped increase the awareness and support of the event. As the malls filled with wall to wall people, the organization swelled with joy at its successful event.

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