Gulf Coast Outreach Explodes in Pensacola

Friday night local ministers gathered at New Dimensions Christian Center to begin the first of many strategies and outreach missions in Pensacola.

Head by Evangelist Daniel McGee of Tampa, Florida ministers and lay people listened intensely to the strategies of bringing souls to Christ.

“There are many people who are hungry for the word,” said Pastor McGee.  “The word said that according to Mark 16:15 that we should go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.  This is not just for ministers, it’s for all who are saved,” he said.

“Pensacola is at a point that we must take the roof off.  Just as the roof was removed to lower the man with palsy in his bed (Mark 21-5) we must take the roof off of the community to get healing and deliverance to the people.”  “The problem is in the pulpit and the solution is in the pulpit.  If you were to die right now and went before God, could you say you brought someone to him lately?” he asked.  “God is not looking for shouters and people rolling on the floor Sunday and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday you have not talked to anyone about Jesus and His salvation,” he said.

As Pastor McGee concluded, he spoke that Saturday morning the training and the soul winning outreach would begin.

As people came together Saturday morning, grills showed up, food showed up, toys showed up money and gift cards showed up for the Attucks Court Block Party.

At 4pm ministers, volunteers and approximately 200 people came together in the parking lot of Attucks Court to enjoy food, prizes, and receive love and hear the word of God.  As a result, approximately 150 people (men women and children) received Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit that day.

Sunday evening local ministers came for the conclusion of the outreach strategy and training.  “It’s going to take all of the ministers to come out of your box and mobilize to take Pensacola. God is ready to do something here.  You have got to mobilize and forget about religion and come together as one.” He said.

The next outreach ministry will be held at Brownsville Assembly.  For more information, contact Brownsville Assembly for exact date and time.

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