Gulf Coast Veterans Reception 2016


A great company culture was created during the Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council annual Christmas Party. This year’s Christmas Party had a few guests, but was geared towards “fun memories.” The venue was quiet and intimate, so everyone could engage and enjoy each other.   

An invocation prayer was given by GCVAC, Chaplain Joseph Stanberry, with a reminder of the real reason for the season.

The GCVAC Hospitality Committee used their creativity, as council members and their families were surrounded by a sit-down meal   as a thank-you for a year of hard work. The comfort foods were delicious and were consistently balanced with side dishes and desserts. The table had festive decorations hand made by the Coordinator of the Hospitality Committee.

After dinner, a scavenger hunt game was played that had everyone diligently searching and searching. It was filled with comments and laughter, and several lovely renditions of Christmas songs were sung by Pastor Jerome Herring, of Agape Christian Ministry Church, who provided a smooth transition towards the reception.

The program began with a discussion of the history of Gulf Coast Veterans Advocacy Council by Robert  Robert Gravley Chairman, USMC Vietnam veteran.  Joseph Herring, CSO/Acting Executive Director spoke of Gravley accomplishments as well as acknowledged the accomplishments of  Deloris Quattlebaum, Major, Ret,  US Army founding member, Honor M. Bell, Sr., 20 year (Ret) Army Commissioned Officer and the 2016 recipient of the George “Bud” Day award and the introduction of Mr. Fred Williams, Associate Representative, Mississippi.

Lawrence Herring, Co-Chairman expressed to Deloris Quattlebaum that her devotion will be impossible to match.  He welcomed Mr. Williams to his newly position and his commitment to the organization and reminded everyone that as Robert Gravley term closes, we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his tireless efforts and wished his family well.

Robert Gravley, Chairman went on to say, “I would like to announce our newly elected Executive Board Officers for the 2017-2019 board year.” Gravley called them one-by-one upfront to confirm their oaths as to the following positions, Chairman and Co-Chairman. After each of the elected officers confirmed their oaths and commitments, he announced Lawrence Herring Chairman and Kenneth Magee Co-Chairman for the upcoming year.

Joseph Herring, CFO/Acting Executive Director stated, “the only way in which these new officers can successfully carry on is for them to receive the fullest support of every individual member as we assist and connect veterans of other agencies.”

After the ceremony, Pastor Herring prayed for the members, families and their community.

There were camera lights flashing as everyone began taking pictures and partaking in a piece of mouthwatering cake, thus closing out the reception.

As everyone began to depart there were handshakes and hugs and expressions of a wonderful evening. There were great conversations, delicious foods and fun experiences at this amazing party,” said Everyln Coleman, Executive secretary.

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