Haunted House Comes to Pensacola

By Charles Davis
Haunted Houses might be everyone’s cup of tea but GLR Productions has different plans. The haunted mansion will be held on October 28th from 4:30 pm to 11:30 pm at Wedgewood Community Center. Tthe details of the haunted mansion are top secret until the night of. The cast was able give little details about their characters and which horror characters will be making special appearances.
Thomas Mitchell, an actor with GLR Productions says they are keeping the characters under wraps.” For us as actors it really will feel like a play,” he said.
“Basically, it’s going to be really, really hype and really scary but there’s also a message at the end. There will also be free costumes and free candy as well. “I will be in the scene from Saw and that’s all I can really tell,” said Terrica Taylor.
Jericka Hunter said “This is my first big haunted house/mansion. I have done a few haunted houses through my college[years] but they were kind of minor level and this is the biggest one that I can say that I’m really excited to be a part of. It is not just a haunted house; it’s a real haunted mansion. So, it’s the whole shebang, the big elegant scary, creepy eerie type thing. You want to come but you’re really scared but then really hype.”
“I don’t want everyone to think it’s just about the scary haunted mansion. Prior to that we are going to have face painting for the kids, vendor booths, people come in and show their business. We are going to have the sheriff’s office be there and trunk or treat so there’s something for the whole family, “says Kim Summerland, an executive GLR.

Vincent Smith, an actor with GLR Productions, says that they have been preparing for the haunted mansion for months now. “We’ve been practicing for at least 2 to 3 months now
just getting our
core acting, our basics, and everything we go over for this time so that we are able to scare people but also have fun with it.” says Smith
“This is basically to bring the community together” says member Jaquan Crum
Latonya Benjamin, an actress in the haunted mansion, says she is really excited about the buzz it’s already creating. “On Facebook we have things posted and a lot of people are talking about it and really excited. They’re sharing it with their family and friends. I think it’s really awesome for the community because Pensacola is small and we don’t get a lot of things going like this. We are starting to finally go outside the box of what we normally do.” Continued Benjamin
It’s clear that this will be no ordinary haunted mansion but something more. There will be things for the family to do and different activities that will be taking place. Tickets for the event are available for early purchase at Eventbrite.com and 15.00 at the door the day of. Tickets are also available for purchase at Arlene’s barbeque. Each ticket purchased will receive a free costume while the supplies last.



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