By: Donna C. Hornbuckle

The dynamic gospel duo known as ‘Mary, Mary’ has a plethora of beautiful music that can soften even the hardest heart and melt any icy demeanor. They sing from a place that can transcend to your spirit and bring hope to your soul! One day I was in deep thought about many things, as I’m sure some of you have been from time to time, and some of those thoughts saddened me. I could almost sense that I was going too far in that I was beginning to feel bad and on the edge of having a ‘pity party’. Then I heard ‘Mary, Mary’ blast out this song, ‘He’s brought me too far to leave me’! Lord yes! This is what I needed to ‘snap out of it’ and the Holy Spirit reminded me that PRAISE is a spiritual WEAPON designed to cause lurking devils such as depression, oppression, sadness and ‘pity parties’ to flee! That song lifted me so high and there was nothing any devil from hell could do about it! They had to go, they had no choice. The praise and dance I offered to the Lord, kept my focus on Him and His goodness, instead of myself. I repented to the Lord, I felt better and I learned once again, I have to practice what I read in the Word of God and what I hear. As Christians we have to stay in a constant state of preparedness because we are in a spiritual battle. We are soldiers in the Kingdom of God that must pray, praise, worship and study the Word of God continuously. The Bible teaches us that God inhabits our praise, so the next time you find yourself feeling down and worrying, just remember to put on the garment of praise and watch what happens! Another spiritual weapon is the NAME OF JESUS. You say JESUS and things are moved around, big time, in the spiritual realm that eventually cascade into the physical realm. All I can say is, it doesn’t matter what has happened in your past, what you’re facing today or tomorrow, the Lord will be with you! That’s a fact! That’s the truth! He has not brought you through thick and thin to leave you now. Why would He? He’s in love with you and only desires the very BEST for you. We all have to settle something in our heart and soul and that is simply that WE BELIEVE in JESUS, WE KNOW HE’S GOOD and WE KNOW HE LOVES US! Get these rooted deeply inside and you will fear nothing! Psalm 27:1 & 10 says:

V1 The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
    of whom shall I be afraid?

V10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

As a suggestion, you might read the entire chapter of Psalm 27 and just like the song, it will inspire you, give you hope, confidence and strength for life. It is because of JESUS CHRIST we live and breathe and have our being. Be blessed and to God be the Glory forever!

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