High Tea, Mother’s Day Extravaganza

Syntoria with SALT


By: Tonya Jackson

“In visualizing the positive affect that SALT (Sister’s Anointed to Lead Together) could have on others, I had to ask myself if I could be transparent with other women in regards to my failures, my hurts, my disappointments because it is easy to talk about my successes, achievements, and accomplishments. Then I asked myself if I could be sincere and open myself up to others knowing that I may be subjected to ridicule or mockery? And my answer to each question was NO!”

Despite her initial “NO!” Syntoria Spencer has surrendered and accepted the vision she has been given. In January her launch party was warmly received. Her vision of women in unity will be further reinforced with her High Tea a Mother’s Day Extravaganza “Hats, Pearls, and Lace.”

Spencer adds, “Do you know a woman who has made a significant impact in your life or in the lives of others? If so, treat her to an afternoon tea tradition that allows her to display her daintiness and grace among other beautiful women. While wearing her hat, pearls, and lace, she will dine, sip tea, and enjoy entertainment as her charm and delicacy fills the room.”

“Ladies, I encourage you to join SALT’s inaugural mother’s day event. Come out and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun, and fellowship.” Spencer has prepared for an elegant afternoon and all attendees will leave with a special gift.

SALT will host its first High Tea a Mother’s Day Extravaganza on Saturday, April 30th from 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm at the Mustin Officers Club located on Pensacola Naval Air Station. Tickets for the event are $40.00 each. For more information, please call 850.346.9367.

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