Historical Election Night: Hill Wins and City Council Shrinks

By Greg Fink

With nearly 19% of the turnout, Mike Hill became the first African American to represent our local community in Tallahassee in nearly 150 years as he won the election with 11,060 votes equaling 57.88% of the vote leaving democrat, Jeremy Lau with just at 42.12% of the vote.

“Winning feels fantastic” exclaimed a jubilant Hill going further, “I believed the voters voted for the content we had in the campaign.”

Talking about the history of tonight’s election with Hill being the first African American to be elected to Tallahassee representation on the 50th Anniversary of desegregation at the University of Alabama with George Wallace standing at the school house entrance; Hill sums it up, “Tonight was inevitable!”

The other issue on the ballot for Pensacola city residents included the first change and amendment to the Pensacola Charter with the victorious attempt to eliminate the Two At-Large seats from the Pensacola

City Council. The Pensacola residents spoke clearly on this issue with 5,106 (59.76%) voting for the elimination and 3,438 (40.24%) voting against it meaning they wanted the city council make-up to remain status quot.

The two city council persons holding the now eliminated seats are Charles Bare and Megan Pratt. Please stay tuned to www.PensacolaVoice.com regarding more campaign information.

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