On Monday November 12, many turned out in droves for the Annual Veteran’s Day Parade held in downtown Pensacola. Various local JROTC programs at local high schools participated and showed their support. Also, many local high school marching bands united to form a huge ensemble playing wonderful songs like “This Land Is Your Land.”
After the parade, veterans and their supporters gathered at the Hanniton Watts American Legion Post 193 (2708 N. 12th Ave.) for a program that began at 1 p.m.
“It’s a program we have every year,” said Walter Wallace, a Vietnam veteran. “We had poems, we had people to speak about Veteran’s Day and we severed refreshments afterwards.”
Robbie Gregg served at master of ceremony, Kathy Collins read a poem entitled “It is the Soldier,” and Commander Will E. Warren provided the welcome.
“Without veterans, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing today,” Wallace said. He also mentioned that it is important to acknowledge veterans because they ensured many of our core liberties in the United States, like the freedom of press and religion, were and are protected.
“What you have to do is support those veterans,” Wallace said. “Sit down and talk to them and ask them about the war. If they don’t want to talk about it, show some concern … and always try to communicate with them.”

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