HOPE FOR TOMORROW Rebuilt one service at a time

By Jacqueline Arnold

The word says “come unto me all that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” (Matt 11:28)

The Waterfront Rescue of Pensacola has one mission: Demonstrate God’s Goodness by Providing Rescue and Recovery Services in Jesus’ Name.

The Mission moved to its’ new Herman street location six months ago. Since 1949 the Mission has met the needs of people from all walks of life with help from partners like the American Red Cross and local ministries.
The Mission has assisted a plethora of individuals throughout the years providing food, shelter, personal care and counseling services to name a few.

Sophia Young, Development Associate at the mission, believes the new larger locale helps the organization better assist individuals. The new location, soon to be called a “campus,” features a chapel, several dormitories, a large day-resource center and recycling center.
“This will be a comfortable place for those that just want to come and have lunch or just hang out, or stay overnight – no questions asked,” Young said.

D. Tolbert, a current resident of the Waterfront Rescue Mission, shared how the mission has helped him.
”I am blessed and very happy,” Tolbert said. He also said he loves the Mission and does not want to leave. “I am thankful for the Waterfront Rescue Mission.”

The Mission even began a Women’s Shelter established in 1990. The shelter began with 36 beds and is still growing and running with the same spirit of care and concern. The dream was to give all those who had lost their way a sense of hope. If you or someone you know is in need of emergency services, please visit the Mission’s administrative office at 380 West Herman Street. You can also visit  waterfrontmission.org or call 850.436.7868

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