IMPACT 100 Tours past Grant Recipients

It’s been one year and St. Joseph’s Clinic was among the past recipients that received a grant of $102,000 from IMPACT 100.

As Dr. Dan Conklin gave the ladies a tour of the clinic, he emphasized that the clinic only attends to patients that have no insurance.  “We do not see patients that have any type of insurance including Medicare.

Our workers are strictly volunteers,” he said.  “We are constantly looking for doctors to donate some of their time to the clinic.  We are looking for young doctors who can help out for a few hours.  Most of our doctors are retired.”

St. Joseph’s Clinic is a 501c (3) and operates solely from donations, volunteers and grants.  Our drugs we receive are donated.  The pharmaceuticals the patients receive are free.  Most are high end—for blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  We can accept blister packs.  If it’s not open we can accept it.

St Joseph’s Clinic accepts about 40 patients a day.  There are about 50 volunteers that also come in to help with the running of the clinic.

Impact 100 through its grant awards helped the clinic purchased equipment and other items necessary to continue its operations.  “No one here receives a salary,” said Dr.Conklin.

This year IMPACT 100 will be awarding eight grants to eight organizations in the amount $104,500 on October 2013.  The women of IMPACT 100 work on a volunteer basis.  Because of this, all contributions  go towards grants.


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