Iron Sharping Iron School for Boys

Iron Sharpening Iron Boys Academy
“As Iron Sharpens Iron, so a friend a friend sharpens a friend.” Proverbs 27:17
This is the foundation of Iron Sharpens Iron Christian Boys Academy, located at 1580B W Cervantes Street, Pensacola. Iron Sharpening Iron Christian Boys Academy has begun its open enrollment for young boys 1st through the 7th grade. The school is reaching out to young boys that are considered ‘at risk’ mainly because there is no male presence in the home. “I’ve been working in Attucks Court for eighteen years,” began Founder/ Pastor Clarence Evans. “There were a lot of the boys we weren’t able to touch that needed to be touched. By that I mean, young boys that were going to jail and getting a 50 year sentence.  It broke my heart and I began to pray about what to do. So, God put it on my heart and said-why not a school? I began to do my research, gather information and it led to a boy’s school.” He said. “Women don’t have husbands not because they are bad women, it’s because we don’t have any men. We just wanted to start touching our boys in a positive way while they were young,” said Pastor Evans.
As they continued our research, they found that the State of Florida had scholarship programs such as McKay and Step Up scholarships and (the parents) could qualify for. “We went through the steps to get approved and last year we opened our doors.” Currently the school has 12 students enabling the teachers to have a strong one on one communications with each student. “Our boys are not trouble makers. They are boys who have had some issues and also boys that come from normal surroundings,” said Administrator, Pastor Lawrence Powell. “Although we don’t have a 7th grade, our intent is to grow with the children as they grow. “he stated.
The school has a concern about our children being tagged and labeled. “We want to get to them before they are tagged or labeled,” said Rev. Powell. “We are looking for more students that can understand that we are here to give love and yet discipline. We want to get to our boys while they are still young and can be reached,” said Powell.
Iron Sharpens Iron is looking for male teachers. “We want male teachers so that they can be a role model for our boys. The requirements are that he must have a Bachelor’s degree. “We use the BECCA system-the same system that Pensacola Christian use for their students.
Although the school is a private school, it is tuition free. Because of the Step Up Program and McKay Scholarship, we are able to offer quality education and a mentor for each student.
“A grade will be added every year to 12th grade,” said Powell.

If you are looking for a school with sound doctrine, quality education, and an individual relationship with the student, contact Clarence V Edwards, Director at 850-501-3137 or Lawrence Powell, Administrator, 850-454-7143.

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