It’s A Wrap Donald Trump Elected President with 289 Electoral Votes


In a battle to the end, Donald Trump was declared the winner of a hot presidential race with Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton.

Trump ran on the Republican ticket that, in the beginning, had the Republican Party distancing themselves. His style of campaigning brought scrutiny to his business affairs, questions of his income tax returns and complaints of sexual harassment and disrespect of women.

However, after media brought forth information regarding emails of HilIary Clinton, the tides slowly turned in his favor.  It was not until the last alleged information of more emails brought by

FBI agency Comey that Clinton’s fate began to plummet. Although, the case was closed with no evidence of criminal doing, polls began to favor Trump.

Upon further disclosure, Trump’s win came about because of the 68% of non-educated whites that voted for him while 28% voted for Clinton.

In his acceptance speech, President-elect Trump stated “I love this country.  It is time for all Americans to come together.”

Secretary Clinton, in her concession speech stated “I still believe in America and I always will.  And if you do, then we must accept this result and look to the future.  Donald Trump is going to be our President.  We owe him an open mind, the chance to lead.”

Clinton went on to say “If we stand together, and work together with respect to our differences strength for our convictions and love for our nation, our best days are still ahead of us.”

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