It’s All Working Together For Your Good – Part 1

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By Evelyn J. Hagger

Bless the wonderful name of Jesus !  In the last message I shared with you the Holy Spirit wanted you to know that the pain and discomfort you are presently going through is not forever.  The opposition you are experiencing is only YOUR test of faith and obedience in Him.  All the adversity, chaos, missteps, confusion, and what seems like a constant whirlwind of problems and adverse situations and circumstances are ‘All Working Together for Your Good’. This is a good sign that God is about to blow your mind, flip the switch, and turn this thing around.  I really like to start in the beginning and Abraham is a good place to start.

You are going to have to trust and obey God to get through whatever it is.  Jesus said to the father who brought his demonic son to him, “If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” (Mark 9:23) He did not use the past tense. The are’ goes into this present day.  The ‘are’ is for you and me today.  You are going to have to believe the ‘stress pressures’ that you are dealing with are passing, NOW!   Jesus is flipping this thing in your favor!  Know that you are coming out on top!

If you are reading this message and know you are not saved, you can be saved now.  Just start by asking Jesus to come into your heart.  Repent of your sins and ask him to forgive you of them all.  He will and He does.  This is not some silly act that you are carrying out.  This is sealing your eternity with Jesus forever. Now find yourself a good Bible-based church and start attending and sitting under the word of God.

The Lord flipped everything for Abraham.  God made Abraham promises that only He, himself could keep, and we are the fruit of those promises.  But first, Abraham had to get from among his family and friends living in Haran.  He had to trust and obey the leading of God.  There’s that word again, trust. Abraham had to leave the familiar and go into the unfamiliar.  He had to travel to Egypt and take a chance on Sarai being taken by Pharoah.  He also had to part ways with his nephew, Lot because of the strife and contention developing.  All of this is what Abraham had to go through.  But in the midst of his lies, deceit and separation from Lot, all of this was working together for his good.  Now God did not tell Abraham to lie.  He did that on his own. (Genesis 12-13). And whatever adversity you are experiencing is what you have go through to get to your prize. And it is all working together for your good.

My friends, we are living the prophetic word that God spoke to Father Abraham.  Do you know that when God talked to Abraham about multiplication, he didn’t have not one heir to his name?  You see, God has a way of talking to you about greatness at the most inconvenient time.  He talks to you about victory when it seems like you are losing the battle.  He talks to you about abundance when you are still dealing with the reality of having to rob Peter to pay Paul.  He talks to you about having a harmonious home life when you and your spouse are at each others throats, and the children are following your

example.  Why is this?  Because the God we serve does not receive temporary circumstances.  He knew exactly where Abraham was when he started this transition in Abraham’s life.  And He knows exactly where you are you right now.    

Again, this is enough for you for right now.  Until the next time, I sincerely love you and remember  it is ‘All Working Together for Your Good’. If you are being blessed by these messages, contact me at: P. O. Box 22736 – Beaumont, Texas 77720-2736 or call me at: (409) 866-2210.  I would love to hear from you.

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