J Easy Finds Purpose in Digital Music


Jerome ’J Easy’ Weaver has found his purpose.  After working with the Department of Transportation for a number of years, his retirement has brought him to the world of music.  “I’m a digital composer of jazz music,” he said.  Known as ‘J easy’ on the digital circuit, Weaver has musical experience dating back to middle school.  “I played trumpet and tuba in the band.  I have a passion for music and throughout time it’s stayed with me.  I had to search around and explore different methods of producing music.  When I found digital, it was my calling,” stated Weaver.  Finding P J Music Company in Canada assisted J Easy in learning how to lay tracks (back tracking) with different instruments.

J Easy has music streaming in countries throughout the world. “Germany is just one country that streams his jazz sounds,” said Jacqueline Weaver, manager/wife.  “He loves his music and because of that, he’s been successful at it.  You have to love what you do if you want to be successful,”  she said.

J Easy creates an inspirational sound and vibe that caresses the soul.  He captivates audiences from all over the landscape with his world-class Jazz sound with beautiful integrations of Swing, Bossa-Nova, and R&B moods. Both of his releases, “Just Me” and “Cooling Water” offer up many magical and inspirational qualities in Weaver‘s self-written and self-produced compositions. With great classical uses of Caribbean style drum tempos, Saxophone leads, and well-polished guitar progressions, we have an innovative and dynamic sound that is soothing, beautifully crafted, and universal with the advantage of bringing a traditional style of music to the table that could be booked at high class events, weddings, hotels, cruises, and just about anywhere.

To listen to fantastic sounds, go to www.jeasyweaver.com.  If you are interested in downloading his music, he has his number on the site and also Amazon carries his CDs.

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