Jeremy Lau Runs for Florida State House District 2

Jeremy Lau

After living in the area for just over 17 years, Jeremy Lau has decided to run for the now open seat for the Florida House District 2 seat; recently vacated when Clay Ford unexpectedly passed away.

As the only Democrat running, Lau was able to avoid a contentious primary race while, at the same time, focussing on the general election which is sched- uled to be held June 11.

“I have looked at how the state is be- ing run and how our district is being taken care of in Tallahassee and I think that we are paying more taxes than just about anyone else in the panhandle, in- cluding and up to Leon county” Lau emphasized.


Lau continued, “We are getting a disproportionate amount of money compared to what we are giving to the state and this is one of the reason I am running for the seat.”

Intent with his passion for the community, Lau is a single father who understands the struggles of the community. He stresses this as he explains his drive to fight for a voice at the table in this community.

“Having raised a 17 year old on my own, I am no stranger to all the strug- gles that I dealt with, as well as the ones I see throughout our community that are just being ignored. We have to do a better job in representing our commu- nity.”

Lau, also a former school teacher in Santa Rosa county, sees education as one area totally being overlooked in Tallahassee. “If you ask can we do more? The answer has got to be yes. There is no way our students deserve the conditions they are being given in our educational system. More funding is needed and more support is needed. If elected, I will fight to ensure both of these occur.”

When asked if Tallahassee should take a larger role in local economic devel- opment Lau responds, “Of course we do. We need to be able to bring in the incentives and create the package for bringing higher paying jobs to the com- munity.”


Regarding the health care issue of the Florida legislature turning down federal funding for state medicaid Lau responds, “It was a big mistake not to work and take the funding. Those tax dollars were our tax dollars that Flor- ida citizens put into the system. Why we would turn that money away defies what is wrong with our current system.”

When it comes down to understanding the needs of the working families, Lau continues, “I have real concerns for the working families. I am nowhere near a wealthy man, but I am a common man.”

Lau continues with the need for a voice from the democratic party, “We need an organized front as a party and we need a democratic leader in Talla- hassee.” Pointing to the fact that there has not been any democratic represen- tation in the panhandle since the days of Dee Dee Ritchie in the late 1990’s.

“I think we had a great chance with Lumon May and I think his race is the race that greatly helped in creating a ground game for the Democratic party on the local level” Lau explains.



Jeremy currently serves as president of the International Association of Ma- chinists and Aerospace Workers, Local 2777, where his strong leadership skills have resulted in his assignment as a del- egate to the 38th Grand Lodge Conven- tion, and nomination as a member of the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League, National Planning Committee. Jeremy graduated from the University of West Florida in August of 2002, with a BA in History. He has been a proud single father since the birth of his son, Gabriel, 17. Gabriel is currently a ju- nior in the Escambia County School District. Jeremy considers fatherhood his most important and gratifying job.

For more information regarding Jere- my Lau and his campaign, please visit Absentee voting should be going on now with the Gen- eral Election to be held on June 11. Please visit for full voter schedule and information. For information regarding Santa Rosa County elections http://www.santarosa.

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