Jessica Cobb Awarded for Superior Performance

JeElectrician’s Mate Third Class Jessica A Cobbs received a letter of commendation for Professional achievement in the superior performance of her duties while serving as Maintenance Technician onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) from April to May 2017.
The awards reads “Displaying exceptional technical skills, Petty Officer Cobbs corrected 214 electrical discrepancies ensuring the habitability and safe working environment for 232 Personnel assigned during Abraham Lincoln’s sea trials. Additionally, she repaired all discrepancies in 63 staterooms and offices, which enabled Abraham Lincoln’s redelivery to the fleet fully mission capable. Petty Officer Cobbs’ exceptional professionalism and selfless devotion to duty reflected credit upon her and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval service.”
Michael and Christina Allen are the proud parents of Jessica.

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