Jewelstone Singers Brings New Flavor to the Gospel World


By: Shirley Stone

The Jewelstone Singers are a group formed of three sisters, Ranie, Larsira and Re’Sann Cunningham, born in Pensacola, FL and raised in Detroit, Michigan. These three sisters were raised in the tradition of the church and a father who is a pastor. They began singing in the church at very young ages and were the Cunningham Singers.

Previously, they were known as the Cunningham Singers until the death of their mother in the spring of 1998. This changed everything and to honor their mother’s memory and legacy the group changed their name to the Jewelstone Singers.

The story behind the name is that the father nicknamed their mother “Jewel” because he said she was so precious in every way, shape, and form. So that’s how the VIPs of gospel music were born the “Jewelstone Singers”.

Recently, the talented group performed in Pensacola at Pastor Sylvia Tisdale’s birthday appreciation, while releasing their first CD of ‘Many Waters’.  Not only are they talented, they also are educated. Re’Sann holds a Master’s degree in Business, Ranie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music and Larsira holds a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and English literature.  She also holds a degree in Producer Engineering.

Their music is a representation of how God was manifested in their mother’s life and the teachings of holiness in their families’ lives.

The essence of the group is expressed in the music.  Look them up on FaceBook at Jewelstone Singers, Twitter at @jewelstone03, YouTube: Jewelstone 3 is 1, and Instagram: Jewelstone_Singers.  “Check us out! Listen to our music for free,” said Ranie Cunningham  They can be contacted at, inbox them on Facebook, call, or text Larsira Cunningham, Manager of the Jewelstone Singers, 313-243-6887.

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