By: Wesley Martin

Joe Simon, former Rhythm and Blues singer and Grammy Award winner, will attend a press conference Friday, October 12 at the Truth for Youth Belmont Building (432 W. Belmont Street). The press conference will begin at 5 p.m.

Simon is best remembered for Number 1 R&B hits like The Chokin’ Kind (1969), The Power of Love (1972) and Get down, Get down (1975).

According to Simon, now a Chicago-based bishop, the purpose for his visit is to assist in rallying Floridians to re-elect U.S. President Barack Obama.

“I believe he is a good person,” Simon said. “He’s a good family man and [the U.S.] needs someone with a good character … he knows what he is doing as president. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never seen a president as good for us as President Obama.”

Simon was the first and only American minister to endorse then Senator Barack Obama for presidency on foreign soil (Porretta Terme, Italy) in 2008.

Simon says he is re-endorsing the president because he believes in his qualifications. He says some of the filibustering in congress has been a hindrance to President Obama’s overall effectiveness.

Still, Simon says Obama is ready for another term.

“I think that he has learned more and I think he just needs a little more time to finish the job he started,” Simon said.

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