Kappa International Pomarch Visit Pensacola Chapter

Thursday afternoon Kappas met in Pensacola to begin their two day C Roger Wilson Leadership training that train their members how to be Chapter Pomarchs, treasurers, Secretaries and some of the main parts of the organization.  “As Grand Pomarch my job is to insure that we are doing the same thing all over the country and lend my support,” said Randy Bates Grand Pomarch of KAPPA alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.
Kappa Alphs Psi Fraternity is a102 year old organization that was founded in 1911 on the campus of Indiana University.  Currently they have 150,000 members of college trained and graduated men with over 700 locations (chapters) half on campuses and half in cities.
As Grand Pomarch Btes is the CEO and Chairman or the Board.  He helps with charting the course and providing a vision for the chapter.
“Our programs fall into two categories,” he said 1.Youth which has two categories Education Precollege and college and health and wellness.  -This program is called Kappa League;Men mentor young black boys from ages 13-16.  “Every summer we will have a camp which consists of Math, Science and Enrichment. And lately we’ve been adding Entrepreneuring” said Pomarch Bate.
‘We have moved our programs to a college campus because we want our young people to have a college experience  In a lot of cases, there are young men who are the first generation that are attending college and they feel that college is “not for me.”  If your parents, friends and cousins didn’t go to college, you may actually think that college is not for you.  So we have moved them on a campus so that they can walk around and walk into the classroom, and get the feel of college and see that it is for them.”
“For our collegian students have a couple of program. One is called The  Undergraduate Leadership Institute.  Every other year they get the same type training that the Junior Executives of Corporate America would get at no cost to them or their Parents in the kappa League Program.”
  This year Kappas did something new.  “We added kids to come to our National Convention on the front end of it to also give Leadership training. This is the same type of leadership training that Junior Executives of the Fortune 500 Corporations would get.” he said.
“When they come out of the classroom, we want them to have the leadership training that other folks have to make them successful once they get out here in the real world.” said Pomarch Bates.
To date there are approximately 119 young Black boys ages 13 – 16 that attend Paul Quinn Campus to attend a two week camp. Experts are then brought in to teach them about Entrepreneuring and also to make a Business Plan. We gave laptops to the first eight winners.  Then we waited a little while and gave laptops to the other 111 students,” said Pomarch Bates. “They know have instructions on how to do a business plan and it all happened in the camp.”
Kappas also initiated approximately 100 young men into the organization.  “These young men for two days are in a classroom setting where they will have classes and take exams.  Afterwads they will be initiated.”
Kappas locally have involved in sponsoring back to school driv, clothin drives t the Kappa House, and Food Drives to name a few.  “This Thanksgivng  we are getting ready to do Thanksgiving dinners,” Said Mike Johnson.
Our main thing is to bring out the leadership that people would not ordinarily see” said Johnson

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