Keisha Gainey Inspired to Sell Traci Lynn Jewelry for Your Fashion Needs

By: Carlyn A. James

Keisha Gainey grew up in the home of a single parent. She was the oldest of four children.  She stated that as a child she always had a passion for taking care of others.  In high school she enrolled in business school with the intentions of going into the workforce with enough funding to pay for nursing school.  Several months into her path at age eighteen, her plans were redirected.  She enlisted in the U.S. Navy and in her early twenties she became an Information Technologist.  Shortly after, the desire to practice nursing became her focus again.  She enrolled in both bartending and cosmetology school to obtain a secondary means of income which would eventually cover any additional fees to nursing school.  Her naval career would eventually take her across the waters to the Middle East of Bahrain.  It was there she would enter the wonderful world of motherhood.

After completing over twenty years of service in the Navy she became an employee of the Civil Service at NAS Pensacola.  During this time she and her daughter, Essence, discussed the ideal of establishing a business endeavor together with the intent of leaving behind a legacy for her to carry on.  One day while her daughter was participating in a youth bowling tournament, Gainey was introduced to the Fashion Jewelry Line of Traci Lynn by a fellow U.S. Naval Retiree.

She admitted that at first she opposed the idea of becoming a business partner under the brand because she was fairly new to the Pensacola area and didn’t have a large circle of friends or family.  She was uncertain that her limited circle of clients would not be sufficient to be successful.  Nevertheless, she allowed a consultant of Traci Lynn to come to her workplace and host a jewelry party and the consultant demonstrated how easy it was to sell the jewelry. The consultant sold a net of $350.00 at the end of the one hour presentation.  Gainey stated that was a “Green light bulb” for her and soon realized that the jewelry practically sells itself because it is so beautifully designed.

Keisha Gainey bought into the groundbreaking of Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Brand in April 2010.  As Consultant # 3479 she stated that she has enjoyed each moment of this endeavor that she shares with her daughter Essence.  Gainey stated that the company’s motto is more than just jewelry, this company believes in “Passing the MIC to Motivate, Inspire, and Change the lives of others”.

As of today, Traci Lynn Jewelry has over 25,000 male and female partners. Gainey stated that a partnership team of approximately twenty-eight consultants within the Gulf Coast Region and in Northern Alabama have been established and their contribution has helped to make the Traci Lynn Jewelry a household name.  As an expansion of the company, an e-commerce site will soon be available for international customers. The company is currently operating in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  In February 2016 they will be operational in Canada.

Gainey strongly believes in the brand as it is a huge supporter of charities such as Breast Cancer research and more.  In  October 2015, the company donated over $75,000.00 to breast cancer research and to date has increased that to over $150,000.00 in the last 2.5 years.  It has been trending as the new “Red Carpet” line on the market in which celebrities such as Vivica A. Foxx, Wendy Williams, Cynthia Bailey, Tocarra, Sallie Richardson and other television stars are now wearing. 

If you are located in Pensacola and surrounding areas contact Keisha Gainey/Consultant #3479 via email at to book a jewelry party or make a purchase by logging onto 4

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