Kingdom Harvest Honors Pastor’s 1st Year Anniversary

Jer. 3:15  And I give you pastors according to mine heart which shall feed you with knowledge and understand

Pastor Grover Brown of Friendship Baptist Church.  Pulpit conductor.  Praise and worship opened by Karen Bonner

Pastor Delarian B. Pogue and his wife Tara were surrounded by members and friends as they celebrated Pastor Pogue’s first year anniversary at Kingdom Harvest Ministries Church located at 33840 N. Davis Hwy.

Ministers from the community were also there to wish the man of God well.

As Karen Bonner led the audience in high praise and worship, the presence of the Holy Spirit could be felt.  Guest speaker for the event Greg Burns of New Dimensions Christian Center said “This is truly a man of God.  When I met this young man, I could see his spirit and I told him then that God was going to use him.”

Pastor Pogue has begun many ministries at Kingdom Harvest Ministries.  Services are held every Sunday at 11am.

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