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The Alpha Phi Chapter of the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., of Pensacola, FL, celebrated it’s annual “KNOW YOUR SORORITY” with one of the activities being a visit with its oldest living member, Mrs. Clarice Butler, at 104 years old. This event took place on Saturday, October 7, 2017, immediately after our regular scheduled monthly meeting.
“It is my desire to do a monthly activity each meeting to promote sisterhood”, says Ms. Debra Haynes, the newly elected Basileus.” “What better way to celebrate than pay a visit to the oldest living member of the sorority, as well as one of the founders of this chapter”, she stated. It was brought to the attention of the Basileus by a member and neighbor of Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Sylvia Todd, that due to Hurricane Harvey being in Texas, the family was in town to seek refuge at the family home here in Pensacola. Immediately a reception was planned, and the chapter paid her a visit.

Upon the members entering her home and being greeted by the family, Basileus Haynes  presented Mrs. Butler with a new sorority T-shirt that was personalized with the chapter name on the back. Each member wore their shirt to the gathering. She was so elated! Her response was “This is how we do it, round and round we go, to and fro, up and up we go, we’re Alpha Phi, don’t you know?” said Mrs. Butler. “She chanted these words repeatedly. Apparently, it may have been a sorority Pep Song at some point; however, she applauded my efforts and encouraged Alpha Phi to keep up the good work. The camaraderie among the members, and memories that she shared were both enlightening and a very rewarding experience for all the sisters”, stated Ms. Haynes.
Food, fun, and fellowship are all key factors among members of any organization to keep it vibrant. You can’t visualize where you are going without periodically reflecting on where you came from is the consensus of their Basileus.

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