LaVander Williams, When All Hell Breaks Loose


By Tonya Jackson

Late last month LaVender Williams released her fourth book, “When All Hell Breaks Loose How to Weather the Storms of Life A Survival Guide for Women” through her publishing company Candy Publishing. According to Williams, “This unique, 100 page survival guide is a go-to toolkit for protection when spiritual storms rise.” On Saturday, March 5th the women of Transformation Church, 6847 Fairfield Drive, featured her and her book at their meeting.

Williams is a humble woman of God who doesn’t wear the burden of the trials of her life, but instead she uses her experiences as an opportunity to help others. She says “I’m just an average woman trying to make it from day-to-day and God allows me to share and use my mess, because that’s what it is, to bless others. I believe that’s where the blessings come from, because most of us don’t want to share that part where God pulls us, stretches us, and takes us down to basics. We want to share the external part.” Later she added, “Instead of being spiritually focused we pay attention to the wrong things. The smallest thing can happen in our lives and we’re just disturbed.”

One attendee, Crystal Waters, stated “I started the book on a Monday and I was finished Tuesday evening. I couldn’t put it down. I love this book. It’s chock full of amazing tidbits.” Waters added that she also “bought several copies for friends.”

“When All Hell Breaks Loose How to Weather the Storms of Life A Survival Guide for Women” and Williams other books can be purchased on line at

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