Lawrence Powell throws Hat in Ring for Mayoral Run

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“I am announcing my candidacy for the office of Mayor for the City of Pensacola,” said Lawrence Powell.

A native of Pensacola, he began his education in the Escambia County School system followed by degrees earned from Pensacola Junior College, University of West Florida and Troy State University (Master of Educational Leadership)

His military career consisted of becoming one f the first 2nd Lieutenant  commissioned officers of the ROTC at the University of West Florida, one tour of duty in Germany, two tours of duty in South Korea, a myriad of assignments in the United States to include he Pentagon, Washington, D.C., and one tour of duty in support of Iraqi freedom in Baghdad, Iraq that culminated in his retirement from the United States Army as a Major after 20 years of active service.

When asked why he want to be the City’s Mayor, he replied “I have the interest of our community etched deep within my heart.  I have watched the level of progressive economic development within our city and I’m very proud of the progress we have made under the leadership of Mayor Ashton Hayward.  However, no matter how far we have come we can go even further,” he said.  “My belief is that we should always strive to set our goals high each time and when we achieve those goals we should set the goals even higher than before.  I am a servant of God, His country and the community of Pensacola.”

Powell believes that Pensacola is positioned to truly represent the Northwest Panhandle.  “It has been described by the Mayo Emeritus Vince Whibbs, Sr. as ‘The western gate to the sunshine state where thousand live and where millions wish they could’ (www.visit  I want to make our city excited about the changes by garnering support for the attraction of ne industry such as Aerospace and other technologies, not to mention the retention of our university graduates to support these industries that are germane to our economic development.”

“Because I believe that when preparation meets opportunity success is possible.  My goal is to work with the city council and other city officials, business owners, leaders, citizens and veterans to make the executive branch accountable to the people of Pensacola.  The preservation of our city’s rich history is vital to our development and quality of life for all residents.  I will work hard to serve the diverse culture and community that represents the richness of our city.  I will build upon the relationships that have forged the foundation or our press.  I will push for innovative ideas that will continue to position Pensacola as the number one city in Florida.”

“I am committed to Community and Dedicated to Progress”

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