Libertarian Primary Run for Florida Governor

By Greg Fink
This 2014 Governor’s election looks as if it will be the first election in the nation where there will be a statewide primary in the
Libertarian Party.

Adrian Wyllie
This past Labor Day weekend, the Pensacola Voice was able to meet
with Adrian Wylie (Libertarian) while he was visiting the Northwest Florida on his quest to become Florida’s next governor.

According to an independent poll conducted by the St. Petersburg Times, Wyllie is currently polling at 8.75% of the vote as a third party candidate.

Responding to this information Wyllie states, “This is just the latest of the historic benchmarks set by this campaign for governor
and we continue to do more over the next 15

When talking about the issues, Wyllie was very quick to dramatically differ his position from the other potential candidates in the governor’s race.

When talking about the Second Amendment and the current, Stand Your
Ground law Wyllie responds, “I am a strong and strident defender of
the Constitution and the right to bear arms. I do not think this right should be tampered with in any form or fashion.”

When we talked about the state of the education system in Florida and to the claim that Gov. Rick Scott states that Florida’s education ranking is 4th in the nation; Wyllie strongly thinks that those numbers are not correct. “First, I would like to take a look at how they are measuring our education system because the way they are doing it because there is voodoo in those numbers. We must stop
federalizing the state education system conducted though the current use of Common Core.”

Wyllie explains his point of view that it is not the money for the student that is the issue, but rather what is actually being taught in the classrooms that is the problem. “Currently there is $12,000 spent per child per year in K-12 meaning an average class size of 20 students is at a quarter of a million dollars, yet our classrooms are still failing.”

With this being saidWyllie states that anger was his driving force
to being involved in politics, “I knew I had to get up and do something.”

Regrading property taxes, “I am am fully supportive of ridding property taxes throughout the state while working with increasing of
a consumption tax. That is truly the direction that we need to be going.”

When talking about jobs and the state of the Florida economy, Wyllie mentions his proposal of the Florida Intrastate Commerce Act which would eliminate federal regulation with an emphasis on job growth throughout Florida while serving as a model for less government, and less regulation.

“When talking to small business owners, I continually hear of all the regulations and roadblocks the government continually put
in the way, through my plan. Those barriers would be eliminated giving entrepreneurs an open market of 20 million people for goods
and services.”

Going further, “This would take us away from only being set on the sensitive industry of the tourism industry bringing high paying
manufacturing jobs back to Florida and our country.”

To find out more information about Wyllie’s campaign as well as his stance on additional issues please visit his website at

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