Life Changing Experience Worship Center Celebrates Pastor & Family Appreciation

Pastor Darold Montgomery and co-pastor Karen Montgomery and family were honored Sunday afternoon as friends, family and members gathered at Life Changing Experience Worship Center located on Jackson and Fairfield.

As the Life Changing Experience Praise Team opened the occasion with high praise, God’s Holy Spirit reigned supreme.  Young and old alike stood and gave praise as the team lifted holy hands to honor the Lord with songs such as ‘These are the Days’ and ‘Great Praise’.

LCE Mass choir gave a selection to the family upon their entrance of Let Me Be Spiritual.  Bro Michael Andrew and Sis Akeisha Rudolph gave member expressions.  “In 1994 I was sentenced to 25 years in prison for living a life of drugs and in the streets for 20 years.  The judge told me he was going to give me a year for each year that I had been out there.  I asked God to show me what I can do for you. As a result, I got saved, baptized in prison in 1997.

I have been released now for several years and I started looking for a church home.  I was asked to come here and at first I was supposed to go somewhere else.  The guy that I was supposed to go with called and said he wasn’t going so I ended up here. When I got here, pastor wasn’t here but his wife preached.  I was so inspired that I said to myself, if she can go like this I can’t wait to hear her husband.  I came back and this is now my home.  When I was introduced to pastor for the first time, he asked me “Where do you go to Church?”  I replied right here.”

The audience was blessed with a praise dance by the Unity Dance ministry followed the Introduction of the Messenger by Lady Diane Burns.   Speaker for the occasion was her husband, Pastor Greg Burns of New Dimensions Christina Center.

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