Lifetime Achievement Award: Robert Hill

By Greg Fink

Mr. Robert Hill of WRNE 980 AM was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the New Year’s Eve Cabaret held by Cadillac Banks at the Hadji Temple of the Shrine in North Pensacola.

Introduced by Sonshine, radio personality from 106.1 Magic FM, Sonshine expressed her thorough knowledge of Hill’s dedication to the community.

“Ever since I have known Robert he has given back to the community and that is why we are honoring him tonight” she stated.

When accepting the award, Hill could not express enough how much this community and his drive to make it better meant to him.

“I want to first say thank you to Linda (Sonshine) as I have known her and listened to her for just nearly 30 years.. She means a great deal to me and I just love her so much dearly. “

Hill then went on to thank Banks for realizing discrimination in spending of government dollars while challenging the system and fighting for monies for the black community .  “For 21 years we got on the airways and we talked about a tax structure going out of the black community.  Now I am a child of the 1960’s and I remember Dr. Martin Luther King I remember the civil rights movement.  I remember when we talked about our plight in the African American community realizing that what we said on the radio needed to make a difference.”

According to Hill, that is being done now.

Hill went further with Banks stating, “Banks did something in this community that no one has been able to do in 21 years; he brought tax payer dollars to our community. . . Please support banks in his future projects as what he is doing is good for the community.  I support people who support our community.”

Hill finished, “If we can truly ask ourselves, ‘What did we do in the community to make this a better place?’ and then we do it, then we are then leaving the community a better place.  Let’s go out there and work and make Pensacola better.”

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