Lisa Knowles and Kalonte Gavin Brings Down the House at Englewood

On August 22 a free concert was put on for Dewayne Crocker Jr.’s birthday.  This celebration had several well known artists that were both local and national.  Some of the artists to make mention of were Ernest Pugh, Michael Johnson (Liandria Johnson’s youngest brother), DeWayne Crocker Jr., and Kalontae Gavin just to name a few.
  Pastor Larry Watson Jr., was the Master of Ceremonies and led the  congregation in song to kick off the program; however, the concert went into full gear once all the preliminaries were done.  As each group went before the audience in song, there was an excitement in the air that couldn’t be contained.  Saints gave praises and worshipped before God in an all too familiar way.
   However, it wasn’t until Kalontae Gavin got up that you really felt the presence of God absolutely flood the building.  Though he looked 15 years old, when he opened his mouth there was a sound of maturity that was completely unbelievable.  This 15 year old You-tube sensation came with not just a song, but with a message.  It was breath-taking and profound to see someone that young proclaim the name of Jesus Christ unashamedly.
  Following his passionate performance was Lisa Knowles.  What was most impressive about this woman of God is her spirit.  She was so genuine and sincere.  It was really refreshing to see someone who was so transparent.  When she first came to the stage.  She couldn’t sing a note.  After hearing Kalontae minister, God gave her a word to speak into that young man’s life.  Being obedient, she began to tell him more about who and what God had called him to be.  Then she turned to the birthday boy (DeWayne Crocker Jr.) and spoke into his life as well.  It was one of the most precious moments of the concert.
  After speaking Lisa began to worship in song and all you felt was the heat of the presence of God in the building.  Her desire to be pleasing to God came through as she sang and glorified God.
  The concert as a whole was very well put together and quite entertaining.  However, when Lisa Knowles and Kalontae Gavin touched the mic play time was over and worship was completely in order and commanded by those who where there on Friday night.  If ever invited back to sing in Pensacola it is strongly advised to get a ticket to hear either of them sing.

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