Living Last Supper of Jesus Christ and His Disciplines Held at Truth for Youth Belmont Building

Friday evening March 29 the disciples and Jesus

Christ had their last supper at the Truth for Youth Building with approximately eleven ministers participating “We had thirteen people actually participating of which eleven were ministers.


The disciples coing together with Jesus on that Thursday night(which was the night before they arrested him) to have the last dinner with them to let them know that one of them was going to betray him. “Is it I?” Minister Hobbs


The play was brought by Rev. Henry Hawkins, who played Yehuah Jesus the Christ. The play was originally performed at the Vatican in Rome. However, because of the length, it was modified and the length ws reduced. “This play should not just be used for Easter. Every church should have this play performed in their church to show why we have communion and why it is important that people understand who these diciples were and where they came from.” How jesus could bring twelve men together from toattly different backgrounds and have them fall in love with Him is truly amazing.


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