Local Organizations Serves the Community for Thanksgiving

Epps Christian Center Sponsors Thanksgiving Dinner
For some organizations, giving back has a real meaning. Saturday morning Epps Christian Center served over 350 people Thanksgiving dinner and delivered over 200 dinners to families in need. “We want to thank everyone that contributed turkeys and trimmings that made this all possible.” said Pastor Tisdale.

Epps Christian Center serves breakfast every morning at 5:30 to any who wants a meal. “We’ve been doing this for about 8 years now,” Says Pastor Tisdale. “Bay Area Food Bank has been the primary source for the foods donated for this” Volunteers for the Saturday event included St. Paul Lutheran Church, Unity in the Family, Revelation Christian Ministry, NAB and Kingdom Outreach Ministry.

Arlene’s Bar B Que Serves Brownsville

Arlene’s Bar B Que Served the community of Brownsville Thanksgiving dinner. “This is my first time doing this,” said Arlene Williams, owner. “I want everyone to enjoy the food.“

Determined to give back to the community, Arlene said that Brownsville deserves something special so she made up her mind that this Thanksgiving was going to be about Brownsville. “Brownsville is a good place and we should be able to enjoy things over here too,” she said. “It’s not a lot but you will be able to sit and have a good meal and enjoy the fellowship,” she said.

Approximately 200+ people came to enjoy the scrumptious meal prepared by Arlene and her staff. “With God’s help we plan to this again next year,” she said.

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