Local Union commits to Democrat party support

By Greg Fink

Michael Lowery, president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1395, told the Escambia County Democratic Executive Committee Tuesday evening to “count us in!” Lowery passionately proclaimed the union’s open support for the local democrat party.

During his presentation, Lowery spoke about the necessary relationship between local unions and the local Democratic Party. 

“We stand ready to work with you on the ground game and in every way possible to ensure the fact that President Obama wins back the White House and that the local democrat party has a stronger voice on local elections,” Lowery said.

Sadly, he also expressed some disappointment. During a petition campaign where the organization garnered 5,000 signatures, the only democrat on the Escambia board of county commissioners voted against their motion. The ATU then had to depend on three conservative republicans for backing.

“Believe me, we were greatly disappointed when the one democrat on the board did not vote with labor,” said Lowery. “This does not need to be the case in the future.”
Lowery also spoke on the large number of union members that switch parties once they become more involved in union activities.
“Currently 90 percent of our registered membership are democrats,” he said. “However, a great number of them only switched to that party after they became educated about the differences between the two parties and realized that the democrat party is the party for labor.”

At the closing of the meeting, Lowery said, “We look forward to working closely to making 2012 a great year for labor as well as for the Democratic Party.”
For more information about Lowery and his work with the local union as well as statewide issues please visit http://atu1395.unionactive.com

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