Local Volunteers Assist with Irma Evacuees

As Hurricane Irma swept through the state of Florida, local volunteers stepped up to make the transition a smooth one.
Gloria Wiggins, the American Red Cross’ shelter manager at the Pensacola Bay Center, opened the shelter on Friday as Hurricane evacuees began slowly making their way through the Florida Panhandle, ending up in northwest Florida’s western most community in Pensacola.
Wiggins has been volunteering with Red Cross since 1992 and enjoys the work. She stated that the Red Cross provided shelter, a bed, and food for the evacuees. It housed up to 300 people during the storm and is down to approximately 90 as families begin to head to their homes in South Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.
Christal Montgomery is another volunteer from Pensacola’s Black Community that has been working for Red Cross for years. Montgomery has worked in faith-based ministerial work and continues to represent area churches in community outreach. She is associated with Life Changing Experience Worship Center located on West Jackson Street and Pace Blvd. in Pensacola. Life Changing Experience Worship Center was involved as a caravan of local area church vehicles providing assistance to hurricane victims hunkered down in the Bay Center. The caravan brought blankets, oral hygiene products, soap, and clothing.

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