Love Life & Live Gospel Music Recording Performance

By Carlyn A. James, MFA-FSH

On Saturday, June 21st gospel singer and vocal recording artist Craigh Franklin conducted a live CD and DVD recording which was free to the public. It was held at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church on 6205 North W. Street in Pensacola, Florida. The event featured special guest such as Chevon Coleman and Evangelist Cherisse Stephans. Before his performance an opening prayer was lead by Pensacola’s very own Evangelist Shandra Moorer.

Craigh Franklin’s new album was spiritually inspired by the most important people in his life. This includes God, his lovely wife, children, parents, and his brothers. His music greatly describes how thankful he is for his blessings and also testifies about the power of prayer. The audience was spiritually moved and well entertained while viewing the live recording.

During the event Franklin also introduced Queta Robbins who is a lyrical dancer for Reconstruction: The Lyrical Dance & Praise Group of Zion Hope Baptist Church and Carlyn James who does ballet with Five Flags Dance Academy in Pensacola, Florida. As spiritual dancers the two gracefully performed with a combination of both lyrical and ballet which coincided with the words to his new song titled “Be Strong & Courageous”.

Towards the ending of the show, he was also accompanied by Pastor Larry Watson who also performed a few songs of praise with him. As it was a joy and a great to task make this event successful special thanks was given to Franklin’s producer Anthony Williams. He then gave thanks to his background singers: Jennifer, Labrea, John McArthur, Darriel, and Schleana. Last but not least, he also gave thanks to his musicians Ricky, Chris, Quentin, and Anthony for providing an amazing instrumental melody. For more information about the Love Life & Live music CD and DVD recording visit the Facebook page of Craigh Franklin.

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