Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Visits Pensacola

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll (R-FL)

Adding to the festive celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll appeared Sunday afternoon at the First Baptist Church in Warrington to give her salutations and give words of encouragement to the community. “For three years, when I got into the legislature, they tried to pass through a bill to have a Dr. King’s license plate passed. A senator approached me and shared with me that she had been having trouble to get this passed.  So we worked together and got Dr. King’s plate passed. Everyone should get his plate because the proceeds from this plate go to help our community in infant mortality, birth defects, homelessness and cycle cell education and research.  These are the things that are plaguing our neighborhoods.” She said.

“When we bring our local community to meet up with their legislators and decision makers that is how we can make things work.” Carol stated.

“Today as we celebrated Dr King, I remember being in New York coming to America, and every home had a picture of Dr. King and JFK. When he (Dr. King) was killed it was as if a member of the family had been killed.   As a little girl I observed. What was the impact of this man that spread across all nations, all people, all races?  What it was was his message; a message of equality; a message that you can do; you can accomplish, that no one can stop you from receiving that which is rightfully yours.

“Many times, we go through our adversities in life and ask why me?  Why not you?  Jesus carried His cross in life and if he went through the entire burden to bear, why not you?

They gave Dr. King a lot to bear, but he handled it so well with poise, with dignity, articulating so well the words so that every man and every woman could understand.  Even to this day we recite his words and his dream.”

“If it wasn’t for the sacrifices that he made, the willingness that he to carry those burdens, no matter how heavy and recognize and realize that no matter what, it was still not too much of a burden to carry because he knew the road was going to be paved smoother for us to ride on.”

Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll is the first African American Lt. Governor for the state of Florida.

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