Lumon May Involved in Pensacola Police Traffic Stop

Lumon May Involved in Pensacola Police Traffic Stop

County Commissioner Lumon May was recently involved in a traffic stop by Pensacola Police Officer Caitlyn Grantham and the incident was captured on police dash cam generating concerns throughout the community on both sides of the altercation. As a result of the video, the officer has become the focus of significant concern about the reason why she initiated the stop in the first place. There has also been concerns voiced on the internet on Commissioner May’s argumentative response to the officer’s request for his insurance and registration information.

Upon the review of the video, it shows Officer Grantham turning left onto Gregory Street on Pensacola’s Westside and following Commissioner May’s car to his office across the street from the Theophalis May Neighborhood Resource Center at Legion Field. The audio allows the viewer to hear the commissioner raising the volume of his voice in his response to the officer for her to call her supervisor. The officer can be heard telling May that his license plate number doesn’t match his vehicle.

In an interview with the Pensacola Voice Newspaper at the Dorrie Miller Community Center, Commissioner May stated that the officer, “never put her blue lights on so I did not realize it was an official stop”. During the interview, Commissioner May stressed the level of his fatigue he was experiencing over the Charleston massacre at the Emmanuel AME Church and the resulting national outcry to remove the Confederate Flag from government buildings and locations. May said that, “I have received death threats over the phone since our heated commission meeting where we discussed removing the Confederate Flag in Escambia County. There was also a large dead bird left in my yard with a Confederate Flag draped over my truck.”

May stated that he is a big supporter of the Police Benevolent Association and the Fraternal Order of the Police and he regrets the way the community is becoming divided over the traffic stop. “I have already apologized for my actions and I will continue to promote positive relations between law enforcement and the community”! He went on to state, “I feel this is like having an argument with your wife, you apologize and make up; there is no cause for a divorce! This is a teachable experience that I will use to educate our youth on how NOT to respond to a police officer during a traffic stop or at any time”.

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