Lumon May Lightens up Belmont and Devilliers



By: Jacqueline Miles

Wearing a  black tee-shirt with white writing saying ‘Lumon May County Commissioner’ on the back,  Commissioner May rushed over to shake hands and greet anyone and everyone that came to enjoy the festivities his campaign sponsored at the Belmont Youth Building located at Belmont and Devilliers.

The smell of fresh fish frying permeated the air making the lines longer and longer as friends, family fellow political candidates and children waited their turn to receive a plate of either fried fish or fried chicken along with other sides that accompanied the dish.  “I want everyone to know that I’m here and that I care about my community,” said Lumon May.

No sooner that he would say hello to one friend, someone would whisk him away to meet someone else.   “I love serving my community,” he explained between shaking hands with his constituents.  “I’ve got plans to finish projects for my community that we started but I’ve also got new plans too.”  He said.

Rev. John Powell, Founder of Truth, acted as DJ playing oldies but goodies that had everyone on the floor dancing and singing to the familiar tunes.

As a diverse crowd of approximately 200 people enjoyed themselves, the event began to look as if all of the candidates running for some type of office was there shaking hands, dancing and enjoying the company of each other.

“I think everyone should be able to enjoy themselves and express their true sentiments,” said May

“I believe ALL lives matter”

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