Lumon May Wins…Again!


By Tonya Jackson

(She’s Social,Pensacola, FL)

This past election season was a marathon, nationally and locally. Locally we saw as much drama and suspense and we did nationally. One local race, in particular, captivated many of us, the race for the seat for District 3 County Commissioner. For some, it was a no-brainer that Lumon May would run and win, for others, it was an opportunity to usurp his title. In the end, however, County Commissioner Lumon May is still serving the people of District 3 after winning his reelection bid just shy of 80% of the vote.

May chose to let his record speak for him and ran a clean campaign while sticking to the issues. During the long campaign season, there were opponents and detractors, but May had many more supporters. These supporters took to the streets and the internet to remind people of the progress District 3 has made during his tenure. For some, it was an opportunity to be part of the democratic process and for others is was about making sure the progress in District 3 continues.

Originally the May campaign invited supporters to join them at Five Sisters Tuesday night for his watch party, however as the ballots were counted it quickly became evident the celebration could officially begin. Amid chants of “four more years” May’s sister, LaRuby May, took to the microphone to thank attendees for their continued support of her brother. “We thank everybody who came out, worked the polls and volunteered with us. You didn’t just do this for Lumon, but because you care about the future of District 3. This is important, this doesn’t stop here. Over the next four years, Lumon is going to need you. He’s going to need you to support him. He’s going to need you to work. The work doesn’t stop with a win at the polls. We need to keep going and keep working until all of our children have the best education until all of our neighborhoods are safe until all of our seniors are taken care of.”

After congratulatory handshakes and hugs and more chants the man of the hour took the microphone from his sister and spoke to the crowd, “Everybody in this room has played a part in my success. I’m only the messenger. This country is so divided it’s very important that we reach out and we bridge that gap. The people in this room understand like my mother said, ‘even tongue and teeth fall out.’ But we need each other to function in this world. Fourteen months ago my back was against the wall. Our adversaries and opponents said our political position was weakened. They said we didn’t have the volunteers we didn’t have the pull. My momma, my Rev., my sister, my aunt said, “Lumon pick yourself up.” Today is a clear indication, a clear indication from you and this community. It’s a mandate. When you win with 78% is not a fluke. When you see me out there I need your help. We have four more years, but it’s going to be four more years of hell because every time something comes up against the people I’m going to fight against it. I can be 4-1 or 3-2, it doesn’t matter to me. I have to do the right things for the right reasons. I will continue to do that. Thank you for your continued support!

May’s work will continue as he faces new challenges and new detractors, that’s simply the nature of having a political career and truly being a servant to your constituents. When I tried to reach him Wednesday before press time to get one last word, he was busy. Not one to rest on his laurels, he was back at work. And District 3 is a better place because of May and the work he does.


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