By: Donna C. Hornbuckle

There is a scripture that states a simple thought but has a profound meaning. Psalms 90:12“So (Lord) teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”.        

(King James Version (KJV) by Public Domain)

Have you ever thought about how long you may have to live to accomplish the Will of God for your life? I heard a pastor say, ‘God is eternal but we are on this earth for a brief time to fulfill our assignment.’ Do you know what your assignment is? Have you asked the Lord what you were created to specifically do? We have this space of time from one moment of birth to the last moment when we no longer exist on this earth. Did you make each day count? If you take your age right now and let’s guess that you will live to be at least 80, (hopefully longer of course) how many DAYS is that? Have you ever thought about figuring that out? If you do, your perspective changes. Do you flip pass each day with reckless abandon saying I can’t wait until this day is over? Do you think about how fast days go by and before you know it, the year is gone? Each year, doesn’t Christmas seem to come around faster than the year before? Children especially flip days by when they start to count how many days before Christmas or they count the days before their birthday. They’re excited and the faster those days fly by, the better! As a younger person, I could remember saying I couldn’t wait until I turned 21, then I would be ‘grown’ and I could do what I wanted. I flipped those days and months off like they were nothing and it never occurred to me how many more days I might have, let alone what the Lord created me to do. Now that I’m older, I realize how precious each day is and that I must do all I can to do the best I can in each day. To keep my focus on the Lord and the assignment He has placed in my heart. To respect each day as a blessing from the Lord. The last part of Psalm 90:12 blends well with the first part …‘that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom’ . Why? Because yesterday has passed us and tomorrow has not arrived, so TODAY, is important, isn’t it? So our hearts should be filled with the wisdom of thoughts concerning what we are supposed to be doing. Are we making progress? Are we making a difference? Are we doing what is pleasing to God? Are we helping those that may need help? What is your passion, your obsession? Whatever you focus on or target your attention to, that is where your time and effort will be spent. Are you spending well? Let’s all attempt to be more aware of our days and I might add, more importantly, to focus on Jesus, to have an awareness of Him throughout our day. For me, I find THAT focus to be the most rewarding and beneficial of all! I hope you feel the same. God Bless!

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