March for Our Lives in Pensacola

Saturday 24th the streets of downtown Palafox were filled. Not because of the local farmers market but because of the March for Our Lives march. Taking place all over the USA from California to New York to Texas and here in Pensacola, many students, teachers, victims and everyone in-between gathered together in protest of gun rights and safety laws. With signs displaying phrases and pictures on gun violence, Palafox street became the small mecca of protest on guns and gun rights.

Helmed by Woodline Lauvince along with many others including her younger sister as a co-organizer, they had the same reason for starting and making this march happen; to get their voices heard and to end gun violence.
“My younger sister, the co-organizer of the march, is in high school. She could have been one of those students that passed away from the tragic event in Parkland,” said Lauvince.IMG_0666IMG_0560

“Tate High actually had a gun scare a few weeks back and I was terrified for her and her classmates. This should not be a normal occurrence; our students shouldn’t be thinking about hiding places from school shooters. Schools should be a safe place. Another motivation for the march is because enough is enough. We are tired of the non-action. We are tired that gun reform comes up with each mass schooling but quickly fades away until the next shooting.” says Lauvince.

This march helped the young adults and teens by letting them know that there are people who will stand behind them and support them on this issue. “We will stand by them as they continue to organize and demand for our politicians to listen.” Lauvince continued.

“I think this march just helped inspire our high schoolers. Their voices were heard, we got a lot of them registered to vote. I believe they will continue this movement and will definitely use their voting power in our next elections.” Lauvince says.
To get your voice heard on this matter call your local congressman and for information on March For Our Lives go to

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