Mayor Haywood Announces new Apps for 311 Program.

“When I took office, I began building a more responsive more custom, more friendly way of government,” stated Mayor Haywood.

“For the first time citizens now have a single point of contact for their non-emergency issues.” He said.

The community can now dial one number-311- to have any of their needs met. No longer do they have to know the department or the person’s name to report any problem or situation. 311 provide invaluable information for me as the Mayor as well to our City council members.  Potholes, sidewalks, parks and much more can now be reported and know that it will be taken care of with efficiency.

“311 is not just a phone number, it is a concept that ties into everything we do as a City government. 311 is a framework of which we can measure how we live in to the expectation of the citizens that pay the freight.”  Mayor Haywood said.

311 allow the citizens to be a part of what we do at City Hall.

311 can be used on the IPhone, I Pads Blackberry or Smart phone.  Simply download the app and begin using the program.

“It’s not necessary to give your name in order to report service,” said the mayor.  About 20,000 calls has been taken over the two year period with 90% have been completed to date.

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