Meet Shandra Moorer Singer and Evangelist

For Shandra Moorer, singing is not just a pastime it’s a passion. “This is my ministry,” she began. When I was five years old, I began singing and I have not deviated. I love singing for the Lord,” She said.

Born in Pensacola, Florida, Shandra has seen hardships and been tested. “When I was thirteen years old, I had an infection in my tooth that spread to my head and throat.” She said. “As a result, I had to have surgery. The doctors had to put a tube in my throat to drain the infection and they told me I would never sing again. I was three days from going on to Star Search and that put me in a state of depression. But my mom got on her knees with me and said one prayer for me. She told God that He had given me a gift and that she wanted Him to sustain that gift. After the surgery, the doctors came in and everything they said would be, wasn’t and everything they said wasn’t, was. That’s why you have to keep God in the center.”

Shandra released her first CD this year called ‘For My Good“. Prior to that she’s made a guest appearance with Pastor/Evangelist Yvonne Capehart on TBN and has been on the Christian circuit singing in various events. When asked what was her driving factor she responded “to see people blessed by my ministry. I know everybody is not going to come into the church; everybody is not coming to church; so my desire or my passion is to reach everybody-whether in the church, out of the church, in the streets, at work, wherever it is. Everybody gravitates to music. God has given me a gift and I want to give back.”

Her latest endeavor was with her husband Sharvin Moorer and his group, Sharvin Moorer and AOW (Atmosphere of Worship) that won the The Experience Artist Showcase sponsored by Gospel Artist Bobby Jones in Mobile, Alabama.

Look for Shandra’s CD on Amazon, iTunes and anywhere CD’s are being sold. Shandra says “No matter what you go through, keep Him in the center and you can go through anything.”

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