Milk and Honey Outreach Ministries celebrated its 25 year anniversary this past weekend at the Wright Place in Downtown Pensacola. The non-profit has its vision which doubles as the theme of its work and that is that the outreach ministry “wants the best for our children and youth”.  The leadership of Sonia Culliver, Executive Director,  and Rev. William Gulley, Outreach Director espouse an ever growing commitment to our youth as the Impact 100 Grantee in moving forward to build a community youth resource center across the street from Fricker Center on the northwest corner of “E” Street and _____Street.The work of the organization really began in 1991 according to Sonia Culliver. The in 1996 the group filed its incorporation papers with the State of Florida.                                           The marketing material states, “We want them to become strong children who live their fullest potential.  It’s that simple”.  Since their organization was founded in 1992, the leadership projects that over a thousand youth have become strengthened as young citizens engaged in the world around them.  The arts, culture, science, history and literature See Milk and Honey Celebrates 25th continued pg 5Mbecome fun and engaging extensions of learning through their after-school, weekend and summer programs.   According to Rev. Gulley this group really focuses on expanding the youth’s skills in communication, relationship-building and leadership that assists them to prepare for the challenges of life.  Another strategic pillar of their programmatic infrastructure is their effort to enhance their skills in reading, math and technology help them to prepare for a career.“Every day we are led by our mission to strengthen children and youth to live up to their fullest potential,” said Rev. Gulley.  “Our values guide us; Love of God and yourself; Love for your community and nation; Respect for yourself and others; Academic excellence; Self-control and responsible behavior. “For 25 years we are still standing on the promise of our founder and executive director, Sonya Culliver, to want for and give our children and youth the best so that they can become strong adults who live their fullest potential.  It’s that simple.”

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