Milton youth enjoys White House Easter Egg Roll

Arie visits White House
Arie visits White House

Arie Jenkins, an eight- year-old from Milton, Fla., celebrated her Easter at the White House this year. Along with approximately 30,000 other children and adults, Arie was invited to share in The 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll.

“It was good and fun,” Arie said. “I got to watch people perform on stage and dance with the green bunny.”

To be eligible to par- ticipant in this year’s ac- tivity, a friend of Arie’s family went online, completed and submit- ted an entry form for her.

“It was similar to a lottery,” said her mother, Teresa Jenkins.
Surprised, Arie was notified by email that she had been selected to attend the event.

The Berryhill Elementary School honor student said her biggest highlight was seeing Zendaya “Rocky Blue” from Dis- ney Channel’s “Shake It Up” perform.

While in the District of Columbia, Arie and her mother had the opportu- nity to visit First Lady Michelle Obama’s veg- etable garden. There, she was given a carrot plant to grow.

“It’s really growing,” said Teresa about the car- rot plant. “Arie and I are so proud of it.”

When asked if she would like to take her chil- dren to the White House Egg Hunt in the future, Arie, with a big smile, gave an emphatic “yes.”

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