Missing Opportunities


We don’t have a talent problem, we have an OPPORTUNITY dilemma. When I hear people say that black folks aren’t qualified to perform certain jobs, even in no brainer industries like lawn care or digging ditches, I wonder about their intellect!

Who says something so idiotic? Check the history of black people! They executed excellently, every tasks known to man as far back as when Negroes picked cotton and tobacco on plantations–for FREE! Today we’re still doing jobs and performing well, when given the opportunity to work! Blacks are being denied the opportunity to earn a living, even in his or her own backyards. When there are major street projects in predominantly black neighborhoods, blacks are absent on those assembly lines. These are blatant signs of disrespect for the black man and his community. How can his children look at him with any sense of pride when they walk the blocks, knowing that their daddies are unemployed, and can’t even paint stripes on the pavement?

Not to mention the emerging business person who has dreams and ideas of building an enterprise to create not only jobs, but a legacy for his family. Potential entrepreneurs who spend their alleged drug money to go legit or struggling laid-off government workers who decide to finally invest in themselves are equally denied access to capital or resources to start or expand their business schemes. And where are the black investors who will invite startups to come and at least try and trick them out of their stashed cash?

Being black is a damn curse in so many ways. Select white companies and several so-called respectable foundations ignore blacks when it’s time to hire and/or make ‘real’ donations for progress. ‘Some’ black elected officials ignore the common man when it’s time to work on their own blocks. And the black elite don’t even associate with their former community. Damn! What real opportunities will blacks get (have) when it’s time to scale up or just to eat? I really think there are people who want black folks to starve!

To that fact, Chicago and the state of Illinois has the highest BLACK unemployment rate compared to any other state or city in the country. And with numbers like, in a so-called ‘world class city,’ proclaimed by our not so esteemed Mayor and his flunkies, who continue to embrace him; as long as their pockets get lightly stuffed with peanuts or whatever–they’ll remain committed to his crimes against black folks. They should be embarrassed and literally beat down and run out of this town!

I will give Republican Governor Bruce Rauner a pass on this (issue) because he hasn’t been in office one complete term. This state black unemployment fiasco falls on the door-step of a Democratic Governor in Pat Quinn. Which is one reason why he lost miserably to Rauner.

The number of black people, primarily men, being unemployed is a horrible stat to ignore at any level. To the smart and so-called concerned stakeholders, elected officials, and Rahm, who has the nerve to seem down-founded about while crime and violence has prevailed in the black community (WINK), we both know it’s all a smoke screen.

The lack of employment within the black community is what prevents colored people from progressing and building meaningful families and neighborhoods. These are missing opportunities for change…..and they know it! Until the next edition….. Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ…..

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