Mother Patricia Moorer Honored

Saturday evening was a spe- cial evening for Sister Patricia Ann Moorer. Her son, Sharvin, paid tribute to her at New Dimensions Christian Center with many of her family and friends their to show their support and encouragement.

“I just wanted to do something for my mother to show her they she was loved. I’ve seen so many people cry and wish they had done something for their loved ones when they were gone. That made me give my mother her flowers while she was still alive,” said Sharvin Moorer, her son. Also it was her 60th birthday the day before and she hasn’t been able to be in church for at least three years. “

Sharvin’s sister Courtney Moorer Walker was also in at- tendance to wish their mother well and a happy birthday. Guests appearing for the appreciation were New Dimensions Praise Team, John Jackson & EOP, AJ& NU Tradition, Peggy Wingate, The Heavenly Stars, The Pensacola Men of God, The Gospel Singingaires, and Shar- vin Moorer & AOW Guest speakers included Pas- tors DeLarge, Burns, Montgomery and Jones.

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